Decolonizing art. Artistic, curatorial, critical practices and the challenge of decolonisation.

14 and 15 of May, 15 people, 7 nationalities, thousands of kilometres of journeys to get together, 2 days of talks, videos, internet links, images, discussions, one room, a small town in Piedmont,Conzano: 

all this made up the context of the Art and (de) colony forum organized by the COCOAA Project, taking place last week end.

48 hours to face history and its contradictions, especially looking at post or neocolonial cultures ‘ impact on art, to discuss some of the current practices in art, to design a future that maypropose different openings, new experiences.

In the next few weeks there will be a series of entries regarding the forum’s contributions and proposals. Keep checking this space!

Images: Julia Ponzio( Universita’ di Bari) ; group at the forum; An Paenhuysen ( Art writer and critic, lecturer ); From left: Enrica Picsrelli, Celeste Ianniciello; Michaela Quadraro; artist Chandan Shafiql Kabir ( Bangladesh); Celeste Ianniciello ( Researcher, Universita L’Orientale); Roberta Trape'( Italy, AILAE Co- Director;The  University of Melbourne ); Enrica Picarelli ( Italy, researcher, post-doctorate University of Lisbon); Monica Sassatelli ( UK, Goldsmith University, Sociology Dept.) presenting her dialogue with artist Maria Rosa Jijon ( Ecuador); Emma Barrow ( RMIT University, Australia); Francesco Martone ( Italy Arts4Commons).


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