Decolonize! is coming together

WetSeason StormCloudscompressed

image: Wet Season Storm Clouds, photographer: Kevin Shaw

The exciting Decolonization forum held last May 2016 in Conzano within the first edition of the COCOAA Project, has developed further branching out in an even more significant discussion that is currently bouncing  like a ball from Cairo to Florence, Melbourne to Wien, Rome to London, from Praetoria to Berlin, New York to Cordoba, and so it goes…

The Call for participation for Decolonize!, the title of the epublication we are all working on in fact, was sent out only a few weeks ago but is finding a lot of takers! The Decolonize! net in fact is stretching with ease, further and further outward, suggesting that the issue is more pressing and fascinating than we thought.

As many are asking please find here link to the publication announcement:

But don’t hesitate to contact Renata Summo-O’Connell,( editor ), with any queries, including format issues etc at