Diario Residenza Artegiro Mariko Hori. Conclusione: “Inspired by our conversation to be continued”.

IMG_9902Tue. 28. May. 2019
Yesterday, for the first time during my stay in Italy, I didn’t have any wine at mealtimes. Maybe that was why I felt something was missing in my body and since it was not raining yet in the morning, I went out with the bicycle to fulfill myself. It was really wonderful on the way out from Conzano and on the way back, it took 3 times more time and 100 times more energy.  In the afternoon, in the storm, finally went to the kurumiri shop. ( on my arrival, Renata told me that I should visit there and it was my last day finally I managed to go ). Already on the street, I could feel the flavor of happiness but
when I open the door, it was almost like the heaven. They gave me one to try
even, it was very different from the one I had at a cafe and I understand why
everyone here recommend kurumiri IMG_9909.JPG

Simona came to say bye in person with a huge gift set. I only met her 2.5  weeks ago but feels like we know each other since long time and I’m dreaming about cooking my serious Japanese food course for her in the near future.
After Casale, Sandro showed me his favorite church in the rock. Very beautiful and special place. Then, Kamy took me to a wonderful organic shop where they sell honey from hazelnut and chestnut. Nowadays it is very difficult to find real honey and since my partner and I are crazy for honey, it was really the best souvenir shop.
IMG_9916They took me to a beautiful dinner place for my last supper to try truffle pasta. It was really amazing. They said it is traditional recipe and I felt that people here have been too gourmet since long history. And they gave me a very special wedding gift which is a sort of hammock for a couple made in
Venezuela. They said that it is even for making love on it but I think it’ll be very acrobatic and need lots of practice. They have been treating me like a queen and I really hope they will visit me in Amsterdam and Japan that I can treat them back as a king and a queen.IMG_9903

 I am very happy to get to know this
wonderful couple with warm hearts and their cute dog.

IMG_9891Wed. 29. May. 2019
In the morning, I had a coffee with my very professional guide Anna. I don’t
know why but I really love talking with her. Next time we should do trekking and cycling all over around Monferrato with her guide book. It was very nice to see Mario again before leaving as well as Emanuele and Sara. People here are truly warm and caring and I am very happy for Conzano to have a very nice and cultural Mayor.




I was not ready to leave at all though, I also miss my partner and Kamy and Sandro was very responsible to give me a lift to the airport on time.




The Alps were again very beautiful on the way and from the plane, it was really the best view ever in my life. ( I have had more than one hundred of flights already, I guess ).

Staying in Conzano and especially meeting with all the beautiful people was priceless. And this opportunity gave me very important notice for the future. The residency period was too short though, it is just a begging of our project with Artegiro Contemporary Art and I’m very excited to develop further more.

This is the last day of my diary this time but I hope next opportunities will come again and I am very grateful to Renata, our wonderful curator with warm heart and good sense of humor. To get to know her is one of the best thing about this residency and I believe that we both were already and will be inspired by our conversation to be continued.



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