Diario Artegiro Residency 2019: Mariko Hori con il suo MA 間 MA .

di Renata Summo-O’Connell

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Ecco finalmente, come ogni anno dal 2010, con l’ arrivo della primavera, arrivano in Italia da tutto il mondo gli artisti in residenza Artegiro. Dal 2013, gli artisti selezionati da Artegiro, arrivano a Conzano, con la speranza unica e sola di incarnare la propria arte al cento per cento per un periodo seppure breve, ma significativo e intenso.

Mariko Hori, un’artista tanto giapponese quanto internazionale, arriva a Conzano con un progetto affascinante quanto inafferrabile ed effimero, MA 間 MA ( vedi comunicato allegato in alto dopo il titolo) . Con il patrocinio del Consolato Generale del Giappone a Milano.

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Ecco la prima parte del suo diario di residenza, per ora in inglese.

Sat. 4. May. 2019


I have never been able to imagine how lovely to live with the view of the Alps, even from my window. Conzano welcomed me very warmly after through unexpected very pretty way from the airport with Renata and her unique navigation which knew my taste. And I tasted rabbit for the first time in my life.


Sun. 5. May. 2019

I was very busy to explore this beautiful commune for my first day even it was very cold. I found very nice spot to greet the Alps and beautiful smell of Ippocastano everywhere.






Mon. 6. May. 2019

I had a lunch with two gentle men, Mario, an artist who is going to have an exhibition at Villa Vidua and his friend photographer Rui. All the conversation was in Italian and little bit of German but we could understand each other very well. I often feel that I can see the spirits of a person more when we don’t speak the same language.
And also all the Italian people have amazing talents for communication.

Tue. 7. May. 2019

I was very lucky to have an opportunity to visit Crea, where my lovely neighbor Anna who is a professional guide, could open the door to the heaven with the special keys. I brought some dusts from the heaven back for my research.






Wed. 8. May. 2019

Since it was raining and very cold, I spend most of the day inside with writing and experimenting.
I am trying to capture a certain atmosphere with Kanten, a sort of seaweed from which we make jelly in Japan. I still need to wait to see how it will work and meanwhile I regret that I didn’t buy enough wine.