The journal of the first Artegiro Residency for Authors

Last May, in Conzano, the first Artegiro Residency for Authors took place in Villa Vidua, over a period of two weeks.

The Residency saw a critic and curator, An Paenhuysen in collaboration with artist and author Wolfgang Müller, engaged in concluding their publication, ” 11 Objects of the Science of Misunderstanding”, now an Artist edition, just published by the Walther Von Goethe Foundation.

An and Wolfgang, like all Artegiro Residency participants, kept a journal but with these two the Residency journal took an all new meaning!

Their public performance at the conclusion of their Residency, a performance that included some of their journal too, gave us a strong hint that the Residency journal this time was also a work of art!

As we always do with the residency journal, we publish it here, in its original text (in English), but with the Italian translation.

We hope to publish it soon, so watch this space for more news!

( to download a pdf of it go to, news section)